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Billing Office Hours
Our billing office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

The direct phone number for our billing/ insurance office is

Billing / Insurance

Pediatric Care North physicians participate in several insurance plans, and we file for patients who have those plans. For patients who have insurance plans that we do not participate in, we provide an itemized receipt at the time of service for filing with your insurance carrier.

Statements are mailed on a monthly basis to our patients. A family billing form is issued so that all charges are billed to the responsible family member. Unless arrangements have been made with our accounting office, all accounts are to be paid within 60 days. To prevent billing errors, it is very important that our office is notified of any changes in insurance coverage or changes in address, phone number or place of employment. We must have a current copy of your insurance card or enrollment form in order to submit to your insurance company. Please feel free to ask the accounting staff for assistance on any questions you may have regarding your account.