COVID-19 Information

A Message to Families:

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. We are still committed to providing your family with excellent health care during these uncertain times. We are taking steps to keep kids healthy and continue to provide their well care and immunizations on schedule. In order to see your families in the safest way we are doing the following things every day.

  • We are limiting the use of our waiting room to help with social distancing. Temperatures will be taken at the door and you will be taken to a room as soon as possible. If you need to wait in the car just let us know and we can text you when your room is ready.
  • We are practicing social distancing in the office and waiting room.
  • Employees are having their temperatures taken twice daily. Employees are wearing masks and using extreme hand hygiene.
  • Exam rooms are dedicated for well and sick rooms. Well visits are concentrated in the early part of the day. Rooms are cleaned thoroughly between patients with all equipment wiped down and sanitized. This takes time in between patients but we feel that this is important for your child’s safety.
  • Sick visits are left to the end of the day or evening. The same cleaning is done after each patient encounter.
  • Masks are NOW REQUIRED BY THE MAYOR.  It would help us if you wore your own mask and have older children mask as well. No masks for children under age 2. Please keep your mask or cloth face covering on for the duration of the visit to protect us and we will wear our masks to protect you.
  • Mental Health Issues. We know this is stressful and our doctors will be glad to discuss anxiety with your child. We have a new psychiatrist, Dr. Jill Rosbrugh, on staff now for patients who need her expertise. Also, your pediatrician is well suited to discuss these issues with you and your child.
  • Telehealth visits with your pediatrician or nurse practitioner are still available if a virtual visit is desired. Please talk to a phone nurse in our office to arrange this.

Things continue to evolve and change with this health crisis and our will adapt and change as needed to keep our family’s health and cared for.

Pediatric Care North Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Staff

MASK Requirement In Place

There is a city and county requirement for mask indoors. We support this and hand hygiene as an important way to decrease the spread of Coronavirus.  Children under age 2 should NOT wear a mask. Older children should wear masks throughout the visit as able. Adults are asked to wear masks throughout their visit in our office. If a mask is needed, one can be provided.  We understand that some children with medical disabilities may not be able to wear masks.

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