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By Children's Mercy - Pediatric Care North
January 22, 2021
Category: Child Healthcare

Don’t scramble to find a pediatrician for your baby at the very last minute.

There is so much to do and prepare for before your baby arrives. While you’re also thinking about what color to paint the nursery, what car seat will bring your baby home from the hospital and what to pack in your hospital bag, you may also be wondering what pediatrician your child will go to. For more than 30 years, our board-certified pediatric doctors have provided comprehensive medical care to newborns, children and teens living in and around Kansas City, MO.

When to Start Looking

A good rule of thumb is to start searching for a pediatrician about three months before your baby’s due date. You may wish to talk with family members or friends to get recommendations and referrals for pediatricians they love. Online reviews of the practice can also provide helpful insight.

What To Look For

There are certain factors that you’ll want to consider before choosing the right newborn doctor here in Kansas City, MO. After all, weren’t there certain factors that played a role in which general doctor or dentist you turn to for care? Here are some factors to consider before deciding if our practice is right for your family,

Location: How easy is it for you to get to our practice? We know that for many families, the proximity of their pediatrician’s office is the most important factor. If you’re a quick drive to our practice, then we may be ideal for you.

Scheduling: How easy is it for you to get an appointment? At Pediatric Care North we may it easy to schedule an appointment by calling our practice or simply requesting an appointment online. We also know that some parents don’t want to take their kids out of school or don’t want to have to leave work for a doctor’s visit. That’s why we offer appointments until 8pm, Monday through Thursday and appointments on Saturdays between 9am-12pm.

Personality: Do you jive with the pediatrician who is providing you and your child with care? How friendly is the staff, from the person who greets you to the nursing team that checks your child’s vitals to your child’s doctor? Do you feel like your pediatrician is listening to your needs and concerns? It’s important that you feel comfortable with every member of the team. We work hard to provide a friendly, caring environment.

If you are looking for a Kansas City, MO, doctor for your newborn that can provide your little one with the care they need to help them grow healthy and strong, then call Pediatric Care North at (816) 587-3200 to schedule a no-risk consultation with our team to see if we’re a great fit for your family.

By Children's Mercy - Pediatric Care North
September 21, 2020
Category: Child Healthcare
Tags: Pediatrician  

Are you unsure which type of doctor to choose for your baby, child or teen? The Kansas City, MO, pediatricians at Pediatric Care North, an affiliate of Children's Mercy, offer the specialized care children need to maintain good health.

5 reasons your child needs a pediatrician

Pediatricians offer these benefits:

  • Familiarity with Growth and Development: The needs of growing children are much different than those of adults. In addition to treating illnesses and injuries, pediatricians also evaluate your child's development and growth. Growth and development issues aren't always obvious yet may affect your child's physical or mental health. If any issues are noticed, your child's pediatrician can discuss options and treatments with you or refer your child to a specialist if needed.
  • A Child-Friendly Environment: Visits to the doctor may be a little overwhelming for kids. Pediatricians understand that their young patients may feel apprehensive or shy and strive to make visits relaxed and positive. In addition to putting your child at ease, they'll offer age-appropriate explanations of illnesses, injuries and treatments.
  • Treatment and Prevention of Common Childhood Illnesses: Pediatricians have plenty of experience diagnosing and treating illnesses and diseases that affect kids of all ages. They also offer vaccines that will prevent many diseases, including polio, influenza, rotavirus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, tetanus and meningitis.
  • Help for Mental Health Issues: Childhood isn't always as carefree as it should be. Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can affect kids as well as adults. Your pediatrician can offer a sympathetic ear and treatments for many mental health issues and also make referrals. Are you worried that your child may have autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Your child's doctor can provide resources, discuss testing and offer referrals to specialists.
  • Children's Hospital Privileges: Pediatricians have admitting privileges at children's hospitals like Children's Mercy in Kansas City. They can refer you to specialists at the hospital, help you make appointments, and coordinate your child's care if he or she is admitted to Children's Mercy.

Are you ready to schedule a visit with Pediatric Care North, an affiliate of Children's Mercy? Call the pediatricians in Kansas City, MO, at (816) 587-3200 to make your child's appointment.

By Children's Mercy - Pediatric Care North
May 26, 2020
Category: Child Healthcare
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So your little one is due in a couple of weeks and you still don’t have a pediatrician. Our pediatricians here at Pediatric North Care in Kansas City, MO, advise, that the most ideal time to start your search for a pediatrician is during the last couple of weeks prior to your expected due date. Additionally, families that change insurance or relocate should likewise find a pediatrician before their children fall ill or require a checkup.

We understand, however, that selecting a pediatrician could be a difficult task. So here are some practical tips to help you out on your search.

Check The Credentials of The Pediatrician

Ask your family and friends for referrals first. If that doesn’t work, ask your primary care physician or ob-gyn for recommendations. You should likewise check the credentials of the pediatricians you have in mind, which can usually be found on their website or displayed in the office wall.

Meet With Pediatricians Face-to-Face

To check how well you get along with your potential pediatrician in Kansas City, you need to meet with them personally. Make sure to prepare a list of questions you’d like answered before your appointment. It’s likewise a great idea to ask if your baby would see the same pediatrician for sick and well-child visits, how many pediatricians work in the practice, and how long appointments usually take, among others.

Evaluate Your Feelings About Your Potential Pediatrician

The parent-pediatrician relationship is immensely crucial. Aside from having great credentials, your pediatrician should also be agreeable to you. Think about this, what good would a great track record be if you don’t feel that you can really talk to your pediatrician without feeling judged or rushed about private issues? Remember, you will have to feel comfortable discussing all sorts of things with your pediatrician, from vaccines to various ailments, bedwetting, thumb sucking, and your child’s general behavior.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us

Dial (816) 587-3200 to schedule an appointment with one of the pediatricians here at Pediatric North Care in Kansas City, MO.