How Immunizations Can Protect Your Child

Immunizations are one of the most crucial aspects of preventative medicine and are an essential part of child healthcare. The Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule outlines when children under 18 should receive each of their vaccines and also the timing of each dose.

All healthy children should follow the schedule. However, for immunocompromised children, our pediatrician can advise on what approach is best. Your child's pediatrician stays updated about any changes to the immunization schedule. For more information about child immunizations, give Pediatric Care North in Kansas City, MO a call and our team of pediatricians can help.

How Vaccines Work

Vaccines work by introducing virus or bacteria antigens (antigens that are either not alive or very weak) into the immune system. The immune system learns how to create antibodies to fight off the disease if the child ever encounters it.

Our team at Pediatric Care North, Kansas City, MO can answer any questions you have about child immunizations. 

Booking Your Child’s Immunizations

While it is important to keep on top of your child's immunization schedule, you don't need to start over if you miss one. To book your child's immunizations, connect with the team at Pediatric Care North in Kansas City, MO by calling (816) 587-3200. We've got a team of expert pediatricians that will ensure your child is up to date with their immunizations.

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