When to Start Looking for a Pediatrician

So your little one is due in a couple of weeks and you still don’t have a pediatrician. Our pediatricians here at Pediatric North Care in Kansas City, MO, advise, that the most ideal time to start your search for a pediatrician is during the last couple of weeks prior to your expected due date. Additionally, families that change insurance or relocate should likewise find a pediatrician before their children fall ill or require a checkup.

We understand, however, that selecting a pediatrician could be a difficult task. So here are some practical tips to help you out on your search.

Check The Credentials of The Pediatrician

Ask your family and friends for referrals first. If that doesn’t work, ask your primary care physician or ob-gyn for recommendations. You should likewise check the credentials of the pediatricians you have in mind, which can usually be found on their website or displayed in the office wall.

Meet With Pediatricians Face-to-Face

To check how well you get along with your potential pediatrician in Kansas City, you need to meet with them personally. Make sure to prepare a list of questions you’d like answered before your appointment. It’s likewise a great idea to ask if your baby would see the same pediatrician for sick and well-child visits, how many pediatricians work in the practice, and how long appointments usually take, among others.

Evaluate Your Feelings About Your Potential Pediatrician

The parent-pediatrician relationship is immensely crucial. Aside from having great credentials, your pediatrician should also be agreeable to you. Think about this, what good would a great track record be if you don’t feel that you can really talk to your pediatrician without feeling judged or rushed about private issues? Remember, you will have to feel comfortable discussing all sorts of things with your pediatrician, from vaccines to various ailments, bedwetting, thumb sucking, and your child’s general behavior.

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